Light rail stop at Wimbo Park!

Sign the petition today and call for a light rail stop at Wimbo Park:
Light rail stop at Wimbo Park!

There is only one stop servicing the entirety of Surry Hills between Central Station and Moore Park.

For years we have been calling for the delivery of a long-promised second stop at the corner of Devonshire and Bourke Streets.

The City is getting ready to upgrade Wimbo Park and we’ve ensured the designs can seamlessly accommodate a stop.

So, now’s the time for the Government to lock it in.

This additional stop on the light rail route would be of benefit to residents in Redfern and Waterloo, as well as east Surry Hills, especially those with a disability, and to the teachers and students of Bourke Street Public School.

An additional stop would also improve pedestrian safety on Devonshire Street, especially given the high number of families and children walking in the area.

Add your name to the petition and call for a second light rail stop for Surry Hills at Wimbo Park as a matter of priority!