Become a volunteer

The city’s changed dramatically in the past decade, and it's changed because you told me you wanted a more livable, sustainable and economically viable city, and because people like you backed the Independent Team when it counted.

Our team looks beyond election cycles and backs up our policies with real action. We want to secure the future of our City with bold and progressive action to address climate change and grow clean energy, to boost our local economy and transform it into a thriving digital hub, and to make sure our City works for all our different communities including families and those most vulnerable.


While the policies and projects we’ve worked so hard to establish may seem safely set in place, they’ve never been more at risk. The old political parties and the inexperienced want the City – not to continue our progressive work, but to stop it.


We don’t have the resources of the old parties, but we do have you. There are lots of different ways you can help out, send us your details to learn more.