Events in our Parks

Given this year’s unrelenting rain, outdoor events have had a significant impact on our parks.

We will of course re-turf and restore parks fully, but this will take time.

That’s not fair on community members who love and rely on these normally beautiful places, so I have asked the City’s CEO to not accept new long-run commercial event bookings in our public parks at this time.

Unique outdoor events have always been a key part of how we enjoy Sydney.

We work hard to balance the protection of our public spaces with the need to create fun events and support business opportunities in the city – that’s especially important as we look to recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

But climate change has accelerated severe weather events, such as this year’s rain, adding another layer of complexity to event planning.

We don’t want a blanket ban on events in our parks – especially for much-loved community gatherings like Christmas concerts, Yabun and Mardi Gras Fair Day.

But we can be better at protecting these spaces from the inevitable damage that comes from sustained use through poor weather.

I have made this decision given the impact of the Night Noodle Markets in Prince Alfred Park.

The City carefully distributes events across a range of sites to make sure we do not overuse locations, and Prince Alfred Park is used infrequently.

It was approved in this instance as one of few available sites that could accommodate the Noodle Markets’ size and infrastructure and public transport requirements.

When our parks are used for events, we set out clear conditions for organisers to adhere to and event organisers are charged for any damage, including the cost of returfing.

Now that the Noodle Markets have finished, sections of Prince Alfred Park will be fenced off for a full returfing and remediation.

The Night Noodle Markets is a much-loved event by many in the community. We thank everyone for their patience and will open that area of the park as soon as possible.