No Metro in Zetland is deeply disappointing

This week the Government announced it is not going ahead with a Metro stop in Zetland. This is deeply disappointing and shortsighted in the extreme.

No Metro in Zetland is deeply disappointing

It was welcome news the Metro West is going ahead, but continuing the line out to Green Square is essential and must be delivered as soon as possible.

Successive governments have demanded increased density in Green Square and by 2036 the precinct will be home to 63,000 residents, at the highest density in Australia.

The State has been happy to fill its coffers with billions in stamp duty gains, but when it comes time to deliver to essential infrastructure that money is directed elsewhere.

We need more housing to meet the needs of our growing population and address the housing crisis. But communities need to be able to trust that the Government will deliver the infrastructure necessary to ensure density is done well. Essential infrastructure like schools, hospitals and public transport.

You can't build housing, encourage people to move in, then deny basic services like adequate public transport. You can’t build homes then abandon the people who live there.

The City has met its infrastructure requirements for this growing community, with a new town centre, library and the largest aquatic centre built since the Olympics.

The State Government has been slow to meet its infrastructure responsibilities and investment in mass transit would right a long overdue wrong.

We made it clear to the previous government, and again take up the call with the new government, that there is an urgent need to upgrade and increase public transport networks, before a further 30,000 people move into the area.

Sydney Metro West is designed to extend to a stop in Zetland and with the rate of growth in Green Square, that line needs to be constructed on the same timeframe as the initial Metro West works. This would help reduce congestion and manage increasing demand for public transport.

Another advantage of a Zetland stop is that is likely to be a cheaper and easier location to build and provide an option for surface transport to terminate or interchange, giving Transport for NSW additional options when designing bus or future light rail networks in southern Sydney.

Metro West, continued out to Green Square, is essential and must be delivered as soon as possible.