Light rail down Parramatta Road to Green Square

It's time to build light rail down Parramatta Road and to Green Square! Watch my video explaining the proposal

Light rail down Parramatta Road to Green Square

We have all seen the transformation that George Street light rail has had on the City. What was once a grimy street clogged with noisy, polluting buses has been transformed into a tree-lined boulevard with quiet and efficient light rail attracting $8 billion in private investment.

We're now working with the Government's light rail provider, Altrac, on an exciting proposal for a new light rail line from Parramatta Road to Green Square, via Central Station.

This week at Town Hall I hosted an important discussion about the proposal with Altrac and prominent stakeholders who will champion the project to the Government.

The new line would attract housing investment, transport thousands of workers and students, support the night-time economy, and contribute to Sydney’s net-zero future by taking cars off the roads.

For years successive State Governments have talked about rejuvenating Parramatta Road and Broadway, but no action has been taken. Light rail could make it happen.

And with the highest residential densities in Australia, it is long overdue that the Government commit new mass transit to Green Square.

To show the City’s strong commitment to this project, I will take a proposal to the Council to deliver the public domain improvements alongside light rail like we did for George Street and Surry Hills.

This is an idea whose time has come. To unlock new housing opportunities, access to jobs and education, and provide sustainable public transport links for our growing communities.

You can read more about the light rail proposal in this SMH piece.