Update on live music at the Eveleigh Hotel

The City of Sydney is supportive of live music and works proactively with venues and neighbours to address noise complaints. In this instance, we have made clear to the venue that there will be no enforcement action and live music can continue while noise mitigation issues are resolved.

Update on live music at the Eveleigh Hotel

The City has not banned live music at the Eveleigh Hotel. No such order was ever issued. The City has no issue with the Eveleigh Hotel’s afternoon jazz.

City staff confirmed to Council this week that they have spoken with the Hotel and ensured the message is clear: Live music can continue and is under no risk from the City.

A bit of background:

The Eveleigh Hotel converted a quiet storeroom that shares a wall with residential property into a dining room with amplified music.

Over the last six months, the City has been working to mitigate the impacts of this new use and balance the desire of the Eveleigh Hotel with adjoining residents.

These attempts were only partially successful, so the City recently advised the Hotel more formal action may be taken. The Hotel responded by committing to remove or relocate the dining room speaker, lay carpet and install acoustic panels.

City staff have again this week confirmed with the Eveleigh Hotel that it has no issue with afternoon jazz and live music can continue.

They also confirmed that no enforcement or compliance action will be taken while noise mitigation measures for amplified music in the dining room are carried out.

City staff will continue to assist the hotel owner by providing advice and feedback on implemented measures.

We are the only NSW Council with a dedicated night-time economy team, we have a dedicated grant program to support venues wanting to program live music by funding infrastructure and sound attenuation and we adopted a Late-Night Trading Development Control Plan that includes incentives for live music and performance.

On top of that, our staff are currently preparing new Entertainment Sound Management planning controls that will better balance the tension between residential development and venues seeking to provide music.

The City of Sydney is incredibly supportive of live music and we work proactively with venues and neighbours to address noise complaints, rather than using sanctions or demands.

The best way to support live music in Sydney is to go out and listen to some! Check out upcoming gigs here!