I'm running for re-election as your Lord Mayor. Here's why.

When I walk into Town Hall in the morning, I am energised about our work transforming the City.

There are reminders everywhere: award-winning parks and community facilities, busy bike lanes, thriving villages with greener and transformed high streets, light rail and pedestrianised George Street.

But the work to ensure the City is a great place to live, work and visit – with environmental, social and economic sustainability at its heart – is not done.

That is why I am asking for your support to continue as your Lord Mayor.

City making takes time.

It is about having a vision, doing the consultation and research and having tenacity and courage to see plans through – regardless of the shortsighted criticism from vested interests or tabloid media. Just think Light Rail, bike lanes action on climate change and even public art!

In my time as Lord Mayor, we have delivered annual budget surpluses with outstanding service delivery and capital works projects, while keeping residential rates low and providing free rates for pensioners.

We have surged ahead on environmental action and set the ambitious target of Net Zero emissions by 2035. We are the only Council across the country to increase tree canopy over the past decade.

We have met the State Government’s imposed housing targets – one of the only Councils to do so – while ensuring liveable communities with additional infrastructure like parks, playgrounds, pools and community centres, as well as delivering more Affordable Housing than anywhere in the country.

We have been vocal and financial supporters of culture, creativity and inclusivity, standing by our communities through State and Federal government budget cuts, harsh laws and intermittent lip service.

We are in a strong financial position to fund new projects, facilities and asset renewals. We are excited to transform Chinatown, Oxford Street, Broadway and complete George Street and deliver inspirational new affordable housing, transport and cultural projects.

We steered the community through the worst impacts of the pandemic, but the issues exacerbated by Covid as well as global trends and cost of living pressures make it more important than ever to maintain stable, progressive independent leadership.

I fear our policies and projects would be put at risk if Town Hall falls into the hands of the major parties, or people who don’t share our values, experience or commitment.

Independent teams that I have led have provided progressive, corruption-free governance since 2004 and can be trusted to continue this work.

There may be some who will criticize me for wanting to continue in this role, but I am proud of what our worthwhile work has accomplished, and I am excited about what we could do over the next four years. I hope that my experience and capability are recognised as strengths.

I hope you can help us keep Sydney progressive, Independent and community-led by making a contribution to help us hit the ground running.

Kind regards,

Every election we compete against the war-chests of the major parties and cashed-up candidates.

Our re-election relies on donations from you, our grass-roots supporters, rather than vested interests.

If you’re able to buy a ticket to our Gala Fundraising Dinner on Friday 14 June, or chip in to help fund the campaign, I would really appreciate your support.