For businesses and the economy

The generated more than 20% of the NSW economy, and we must ensure a Covid-safe recovery.

For businesses and the economy

Since elected our policies have supported 30 percent jobs growth, accommodating 500,000 new jobs in the city area. 

We have developed an extensive grants program to directly support Sydney small and medium businesses.

This program provides valuable funds and direct support for a range of business initiatives, most recently to help adapt and shift business models to accommodate to Covid-restrictions.

Since the devastating lockout laws were introduced by the NSW Government we have stood with the community and the sector to see the laws finally overturned and work begin to restore Sydney’s nightlife.

As the home to 64% of Australian tech startups, we've nurtured Australia's largest tech startup ecosystem, and we support local businesses through our extensive grants and retail innovation program.

We also have an innovative program of talks and seminars to give local businesses an edge, by giving operators the chance to hear from successful business owners, industry experts and City staff on how to start, grow or improve their business.