Do you run a business in the City of Sydney?

You might be eligible vote if you:

1. Work from a space in the City of Sydney.
2. Pay more than $75 per week for the space you use for business and have been using it for 3 months or longer.
3. You live outside of the City or someone in your business does.
4. You are entitled to vote in Australian elections.

Does this sound like you?

Enrol by the 27 September 2021 for the City of Sydney election on 4 December 2021.


Still not sure?

For more information on business eligibility, visit the City of Sydney or contact them at [email protected] or call 9265 9333.

If you have trouble completing the enrolment form, you’ll get a call back from friendly staff in no time at all.

Not sure if you occupy a space in the City of Sydney? Check the map here

Help Team Clover keep Sydney creative, fair, and green

Help us keep Sydney focused on climate action, creativity and fairness. Team Clover has put business at the centre of our COVID recovery, made great strides for a more open and creative city, and put climate action and a greener city into action.

Business survival throughout COVID

It’s been a tough 18 months for businesses, and we’re proud to be providing ongoing support to our businesses, with an initial $72.5 million package that included over 455 support grants to help small businesses through the pandemic, and a current urgent response package worth $5 million and fee waiting $7.8 million worth in revenue and fees for each month of lockdown. During last year's Covid restrictions, the City’s grants team processed 6 years’ worth of applications in 6 weeks during COVID - now that’s impressive! We continue to advocate for small business support and for the return of Jobkeeper.

Our Al Fresco 24 hour city

For the hard-hit hospitality sector, we waived outdoor dining fees and relaxed restrictions, and for our creatives and small business we funded outdoor concerts and performances in cooperation with the NSW Government. We worked with our businesses to reclaim public space and activate the streets and roads to deliver our Al Fresco vision for the city. Al Fresco has been extended to the 30th June 2022!

A greener Sydney

We became the first government in Australia to become carbon neutral in 2007. We declared a climate emergency in 2019, and since last July all of the City’s operations are powered by 100% renewable electricity and we’re on track to meet our 2030 target of 70% emissions reduction six years early, in 2024. We are also one of the few councils across all of Australia that has managed to increase its canopy cover over recent years, while others have sadly seen their green cover shrinking. We’ve planted over 15,000 street trees, installed 249 rain gardens, and delivered over 100,000 square meters of landscaping with over 800,000 new plants.

An active and creative city

We supported the rollback of the State imposed lockout laws, and have introduced new planning controls that will make it easier for businesses to trade later and longer, keeping our city active and businesses open. We’ve activated our public realm through public art including the creation of 32 new permanent public artworks, including four in our Eora Journey program of First Nations recognition and celebration.

A more accessible City for everyone

We have built 15.4 kilometres of separated cycleways and 60km of shared bike paths substantially increasing the number of people riding to work and increasing safe access to the City during Covid. George Street South has been pedestrianised creating an additional 9,000m2 of car free space in the city centre, transforming Sydney’s civic spine into a tree-lined pedestrian boulevard, complete with paving and new street furniture.