Breathe oxygen into Sydney's nightlife

Since the NSW Government decided to lift the lockout laws, we’ve been working with the NSW Government and the sector to revitalise Sydney’s nightlife. 

Sydney is a thriving global city and we need to provide people with 24-hour access to a diverse range of services and activities to maintain our competitiveness and international standing.

Sydney’s core night-time economy is critical to our city’s future – it generates more than $4.2 billion in revenue each year, with just under 5,000 businesses employing more than 35,500 people.

Last year, we made massive changes to our planning rules to allow city centre businesses, shops and restaurants to trade late into the night and incentivise venues to put on live music and performance. We’re working closely with businesses who want to apply to trade later as part of our new late night trading development control plan, which was developed following consultation with more than 10,000 residents, visitors and businesses. 

The City of Sydney will also co-chair the new Sydney Liquor and Night Safety Operations Group to manage the city’s ongoing vibrancy and safety at night. The group will comprise representatives from each of the eight liquor accords in our area, two representatives from large hospitality groups, two representatives from non-government organisations including the Safe Space program and Australian Hotels Association, as well as Police Area Commanders, Transport for NSW and Liquor and Gaming NSW.

And crucially, we are working with the NSW Government and local business leaders in Kings Cross on a pathway for the precinct to be free from lockouts.

Call on the Premier to work with us to create a 24-hour city by delivering late night public transport on weekends, and extending the operating hours of the light rail.

After six years of campaigning by the community and Team Clover, the NSW Government has finally lifted the lockout laws in the city centre and on Oxford Street. 

This has the potential to breathe oxygen back into Sydney’s cultural life and night time economy. But now that the lockouts have been lifted, more needs to be done to ensure Sydney has the lively and safe night-time economy deserving of a global city. 

With more people out after dark, we need late-night public transport to get people home safely. We need reform to licensing laws to reward good management, and penalise rouge operators, while spreading large venues out across the city, rather than concentrating them in places like Kings Cross. 

Will you stand with Team Clover and call on the Premier to finally deliver the late night public transport that Sydney needs?