For leisure, play and greening

We are creating a greener city, with more parks and playgrounds for exercise and recreation.

For leisure, play and greening

We have created and renewed parkland and public space, increasing our open space by 24.3 hectares – with another 14 hectares in the pipeline. 

We have spent over $300 million to complete park renewals, upgraded playgrounds and in urban renewal areas like Green Square.

Starting in 2004 when we purchased land for $11 million from the State Government to create Pirrama Park on the foreshore of Pyrmont, and including major work at Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Harmony Park, the Sydney Park oasis, Harold Park Parkland and the Drying Green in Green Square.

We have completed upgrades of 132 other parks and 61 playgrounds.

We’ve planted over 15,000 street trees, installed 249 rain gardens and delivered over 100,000 square metres of landscaping and nature strips with over 800,000 new plants.

We have also delivered sport and fitness facilities, including outdoor gyms, basketball and tennis courts.