Creating a diverse, global economy

The City of Sydney is Australia's global city, with our local government area alone generating more than $130 billion in economic activity.

Creating a diverse, global economy

The City of Sydney is Australia's global city, with our local government area alone generating more than $130 billion in economic activity - which is more than 20 percent of NSW economy, more than 30 percent of the Greater Sydney economy, and seven per cent of the total national economy. 

Since elected our policies have supported 30 percent jobs growth in the ten years to 2017, accommodating 500,000 new jobs in the city area. Our current policy, spelled out in the Local Strategic Planning Statement, will accommodate a further 200,000 jobs in our city by 2036.

Sydney’s night-time economy is critical to our city’s future – generating more than $4.2 billion in revenue each year, with just under 5,000 businesses employing more than 35,500 people. Since the devastating lockout laws were introduced by the NSW Government in 2014, Team Clover has stood with the community and the sector to see the laws finally overturned and Sydney’s nightlife revitalised. 

As the home to 64 per cent of Australian tech startups, we've nurtured Australia's largest tech startup ecosystem, and we support local businesses through our extensive grants and retail innovation program.

Over the last decade, we've also approved over $25 billion of high quality development and invested $1.7 billion in community infrastructure and facilities. 

Supporting businesses in Sydney 

Supporting small and medium businesses is one of the important roles of local government.

A third of the City's workforce is employed in 20,000 small and medium businesses, contributing more than $40 million to our economy every year. Developing and supporting small businesses is vital not only to our economy, but to the way we build community and experience the city, particularly in our villages.

We’re committed to the success of small business operators, whether through capacity building initiatives, making it easier to do business or developing programs to help startups and small businesses deal more efficiently with government.

Under the leadership of Team Clover, the City has developed our extensive grants program to directly support Sydney businesses. This program provides valuable funds and direct support for a range of business initiatives, from increasing offerings and programming at night to refurbishing shopfronts.

We also have an innovative program of talks and seminars to give local businesses an edge, by giving operators the chance to hear from successful business owners, industry experts and City staff on how to start, grow or improve their business.

We help businesses navigate the regulatory processes and procedures required to open a compliant business within the local area with our suite of easy-to-use guides and dedicated support officers.

We also own a number of properties across our local area, including retail and office space, which we lease out for free or less-than-market-rent to small, creative businesses.

Punching above our weight 

There are over 23,500 businesses in the City of Sydney, with a large number of the top 500 companies in Australia located in the city. 

The city is the workplace for 21 percent of the entire finance sector, 15 percent of the total information, media and technology industry and 11 percent of creative and performing arts activity across Australia. 

Based on figures from 2016, around 75,000 people of the 125,000 working residents who live in our local area also work here. Another 427,000 workers who live outside the local area commute to the city each day.

Nearly 49 per cent of the local workforce in 2016 were born overseas with 44 percent of overseas-born workers from Asia, 13 per cent from the UK and 6 per cent from New Zealand.